ACTION ALERT — Why We Can’t Trust the Mainstream Media about Drugs and Vaccines

Posted August 20th, 2015
Time magazine’s articles—and advertising—epitomize the problem. In its July 27 print edition, Time magazine ran a full-page color ad for smokeless tobacco. But what really got our attention were all the drug ads, which continue week after week. The biggest ad, an inside-front-cover three-page spread, was for Xeljanz (tofacitinib citrate), aimed at people with rheumatoid arthritis. Time is not full of articles praising drugs, but it does maintain a steady drumbeat of articles by editor Jeffrey Kluger attacking anyone who dares to ask questions about vaccines.  Read more and TAKE ACTION to write to Time and tell them they should be ashamed of running such stories repeatedly, week after week.

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Pesticides in Paradise: Hawaii’s Spike in Birth Defects Puts Focus on GM Crops

Posted August 31, 2015
Nelson, a Californian, and other local doctors find themselves in the eye of a storm swirling for the past three years around the Hawaiian archipelago over whether a major cash crop on four of the six main islands, corn that’s been genetically modified to resist pesticides, is a source of prosperity, as the companies claim – or of birth defects and illnesses, as the doctors and many others suspect.  Read more.

Back to School — Naturally!

Posted August 31, 2015
It is BACK TO SCHOOL time. Now is a good time to start a vitamin regimen to boost immunity and brain function. I have a basic three that I like for anyone school age (teachers can do this too.) It includes a multi-vitamin, a fish oil (brain food), and an immune booster.  Read more.

To Science Bloggers Living with Mommy

Posted August 31, 2015
These conventional science bloggers are really something. They’ve never met a published study extolling mainstream science they haven’t loved. I don’t know, maybe the studies somehow remind them of mommy and her warm basement where they still live at age 40 and do their important work.  Read more.

The 12 Healthiest Foods You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted August 31st, 2015
The next time you head to the store, look for these 12 superfoods, which are phenomenally nutrient-dense and nutrient-diverse, meaning they bring potent quantities of the vitamins and minerals we need every day. Read more.

FDA approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity?

Posted August 27, 2015
The FDA approved the use of a reportedly ’new and improved’ version of Gardasil, which will be marketed as Gardasil 9. According to the FDA approval letter, this action was taken without consultation with VRBPAC (the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee) which is responsible for reviewing and evaluating data concerning the safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use of vaccines and related biological products.  Read more.