ACTION ALERT — Feeling Pressure from the Public, NIH Opens the Books on Clinical Trials

Posted November 26, 2014
Researchers may now have to make clinical study results public— even if the results run counter to the interests of Big Pharma. We applaud this move by NIH. The American public has a right to know the truth about all drug and product trials.  Read more and please write to NIH and thank them for this proposed rule, and underscore how important it is—for your family’s safety as well as for the health of future generations.

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Vaccine Ingredients

Posted October 7, 2014
Click here to view a complete list of the ingredients in U.S. vaccines.

Americans Have More Toxic Flame Retardants in Their Bodies Than Previously Thought… Free Test Can Determine if You’re Sitting on Toxic Furniture

Posted November 26, 2014
While odorless, flame retardants like polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs, are far from innocuous. They were recently identified as one of 17 “high priority” chemical groups that should be avoided to reduce your breast cancer risk,1 for instance.  Previous studies have shown that an estimated 90 percent of Americansalready have flame-retardant chemicals in their bodies, making this an issue well worth considering—especially if you have young children, or are of child-bearing age.  Read more. 

Oregon Set to Recount Votes for GMO Labeling Bill

Posted November 26, 2014
Just when we assumed the fight was over, miniscule margins for Oregon’s Measure 92 to label genetically modified organisms spurred a recount.  Voter ballots continued to trickle into the Oregon Secretary of State over the past few weeks, shrinking the gap between Yes on 92 and No on 92 to a mere 812 votes. Oregon law requires a recount if there’s less than a 0.2 percent margin.  Read more.

6 Awesome Health Benefits of Coffee

Posted November 26, 2014
Coffee is a staple beverage for people all over the world. However, it has gained a bad reputation in some circles, with concerns over problems including adrenal fatigue and myths about stunted growth. But the truth is that coffee carries many health benefits. The difference between studies that report coffee to be beneficial and those that deem it harmful is the quality of the coffee. A general rule to follow is that coffee beans are higher in quality than instant coffee. Fortunately, coffee made from clean beans can offer numerous benefits. Read more.

Why is Bill Gates Backing GMO Red Banana ‘Biopiracy’?

Posted November 26, 2014
The Gates Foundation has sunk $15 million into developing GMO ‘super bananas’ with high levels of pre-Vitamin A, writes Adam Breasley. But the project is using ‘stolen’ genes from a Micronesian banana cultivar. And what exactly is the point, when delicious, popular, nutritious ‘red bananas’ rich in caroteinoids are already grown around the tropics?  Read more. 

5 Things You Should Know About Fluoride Found in Your Drinking Water

Posted November 26, 2014
Fluoride is continuously being removed from water nationally and globally as more people start to question practices that were once accepted without a true safety assessment. These bans are a great example of how consciousness is raising on the planet and people are more cognizant of what can harm or help their overall health.  Read more. 

Gene-Silencing and the ‘Artic’ Apple (Op-Ed)

Posted November 26, 2014
Biotechnology is heading into the Garden of Eden. A Canadian corporation, Okanagan Specialty Fruits, is offering a genetically engineered apple that doesn’t brown after it’s bruised or sliced. The U.S. Department of Agriculture appears to be on the brink of deregulating the so-called “Arctic” apple, allowing it to be planted and sold without any further oversight. The company won’t label the apples as genetically engineered, but will sell the fruit under the Arctic apple brand.   Read more.

The Orthomolecular Approach Uses Evidence-based Science to Cure Disease

Posted November 26, 2014
Linus Pauling’s eight-decade-long career, crowned by two Nobel prizes, began when it dawned on him at age 13 that chemistry produced “these remarkable phenomena in which one substance is converted into another substance, or two substances react to produce a third substance with quite different properties” than the originals. This insight also perfectly describes the whole of nutrition and its primary role in all disease and healing processes.  Read more. 

15 of the Best Quotes and Statements on Why Chemotherapy and Conventional Cancer Treatment Kills People

Posted November 26, 2014
The cancer industry tells us some of the most magnificent lies about the safety of toxic chemotherapy treatments and long-term survival rates related to the poisonous practice. Few doctors and scientists will put their reputations on the line to expose this fraudulent source of disease called a treatment. We will one day look back on the practice of “cut, burn or poisoning” cancer as perhaps the most barbaric and one of the largest failures of mainstream medicine. We’ve been warned, but the message is still not getting through.  Read more.

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