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Organic Consumers Association Sues Two Infant Formula Makers for Falsely Labeling Products Organic

Posted April 29, 2016
The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) announced today that the nonprofit consumer advocacy group has filed suit against two infant formula makers—The Hain Celestial Group (NASDAQ: HAIN), owner of the Earth’s Best infant and toddler formula brands, and The Honest Co.—for falsely labeling “organic” products that contain ingredients prohibited under the Organic Food Production Act of 1990 (OPPA).  Read more.

Fluorides, the Atomic Bomb and a Spy

Posted April 27, 2016
In 1997, Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson, two respected mainstream journalists, peered into an abyss. They found a story about fluorides that was so chilling it had to be told.  Read more.

10 Global Issues, 1 Answer

Posted April 27, 2016
It may sound too good to be true, but soil scientist and director of Ohio State University Carbon Management and Sequestration Center, Dr. Rattan Lal, said back in 2009, “We are dealing with 10 global issues at the moment: food security; availability of water; climate change; energy demand; waste disposal; extinction of biodiversity; soil degradation and desertification; poverty; political and ethnic instability; and rapid population increase. The solution to all of these lies in soil management.”  Read more.

GM Mosquito Firm Investigated by Lawyers as Share Price Plummets

Posted April 27, 2016
On 25 April, PR Newswire carried an announcement by a law firm that is investigating the biotech firm Intrexon on behalf of investors over potential violations of US securities law. The law firm cites allegations in a new report on Intrexon’s performance and prospects from a company called Spotlight Research. The law firm invites people who have purchased shares or have information on Intrexon’s dealings to get in contact. Two other law firms have also launched investigations.  Read more.